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Thursday, November 5, 2009

when it comes to competition . I WILL WIN . btw thats me in the green lol


  1. curse my mother for never putting me in dance when I was younger.
    these girls KILLED!

    btw - im the one in the pink. HOLLA!

  2. Ok I refuse to believe that these are lil' girls bcuz my grown ass can't dance for shit! Well they def killed, and I'm ashamed bcuz I will never be able to move like that, even if I tried


  3. this is wierd. I was watching this the other day Binks! and the one in the green is SERIOUS!
    I was, and still am like this in dance, not so much competitive but I show what I have and I take it far and SHOW OUT!...
    Everyone who's seen this with me is amazed by these kids. I also like the locomotions one...did you watch that? If not type in 'locomotions dance' in youtube. it should come up first.
    Dance is great! spesh Jazz, it teaches a great discipline that you can't get in any other genre... :)

  4. but I would definately show out for myself. I like to stand out, it's natural! That's how you get places!

  5. yoooo that was bonerners omg they murked it :)

  6. the girl in the green reminds me of lady gaga lol. she's killin them other two girls. its safe to say if she wouldve done the routine alone she wouldve won the competition - amaze!