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I am the H.N.I.C . i love to laugh really loud , watch the history channel for hours, be in ELECTRIK RED,buy things for a bargain or not,travel ,cuddle with my mom , laugh with my dad ,talk about everything under the sun with my sister. I am pretty simple or thats what i tell people so they dont get scared.lol

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

and more

i needed a good squeeze

more bday kitty pics


kai pie's birthday

i have been blessed to have a sidekick with the same gene pool as me .I LOVE HER SO ... anyway october 25th is kais bday and after i landed back in la the heavens opened and we came across the hello kitty exhibit in culver city. we are hello kitty fanatics . not just for the cheap lil pencils and gum but for the one of kind things that falloff the back of a truck in japan or the things on ebay going for rent money those are the things we go ga ga over (who btw has one of the most amazing hello kitty lay outs ever).
there were toasters and sega game consoles and actual art work that i got secretly for her birthday and kimora lee inspired diamonds . Its ms. kitty 35th anniversary so it was very festive.

hmnn you need a chill pill

so today i wasnt in the fluffiest of moods ,its so funny how when you sorta have an i hate my life kinda day everything is annoying ? Like the next house down do you really have to start construction on your illegal building of the roof that is a violation of code 6 2a at 8 am? uggggh i prescribe the biggest CHILL PILL your health insurance can cover.

the doctor will be right in to see you ,please take a seat.

well hello everyone, my name is binkie, i'm the head nurse and will make it all better. so come on in for your daily dose of get right, reality, laughter, fashion and sarcasm. So open wide and say ahhhhh now rinse and repeat .