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I am the H.N.I.C . i love to laugh really loud , watch the history channel for hours, be in ELECTRIK RED,buy things for a bargain or not,travel ,cuddle with my mom , laugh with my dad ,talk about everything under the sun with my sister. I am pretty simple or thats what i tell people so they dont get scared.lol

Saturday, November 7, 2009

the lady was no tramp

Through the tired eyes and rumbling in my tummy because of the meals i skipped i stayed up and watched lady sings the blues . I havent seen it in a while and as soon as i saw the the opening credits i woke kai up and we both started to take notes. MS. DIANA ROSS and BILLY DEE WILLIAMS were a sight to see. Diana was remarkable her acting skills were stellar . NOW THE PAIR OF THEM IN MAHOGANY IS A VISUAL ORGASM and it DESERVES ITS ON POST . So stay tuned for the mahogany post . She made me believe in team me again with her performance in lady sings the blues . lol THANK YOU

btw WHERE IS THE MODERN DAY BILLY DEE ? Suit included lol


  1. You and Kai weren't the only ones watching Lady sings the blues, I was up watching it too and I appreciate it more then I did when I was younger! Ms. Ross and Billy Dee Williams were amazing in the movie *sighs* LOVE THEM!!!