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I am the H.N.I.C . i love to laugh really loud , watch the history channel for hours, be in ELECTRIK RED,buy things for a bargain or not,travel ,cuddle with my mom , laugh with my dad ,talk about everything under the sun with my sister. I am pretty simple or thats what i tell people so they dont get scared.lol

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

back from rehab

well that was the longest coke and a smoke break ever. lol i dont smoke and i have stop drinking coke so in reality i just had a lack of computer but im back..


  1. Lucky you that I saw an update or else I was gonna agghhh just kidding! Next time they try to make you go to rehab just say nooo no no lol ok I'm done, luv ya!


  2. Bink-A-Link back in action. LOVE IT.